"Courage doesn't always roar."

- Mary Anne Radmacher


Oh hallo there! I’m Rebecca-Monique. My first name is hyphenated, and yes, it's a bit of a mouthful, but “Names are important!”, a coach of mine once insisted. Agreed, though I’m not precious about it, so I won't be offended if you don't say the whole thing; Rebecca will do just fine BUT if you do manage to consistently call me Rebecca-Monique, you’ll get extra brownie points!

While we’re on the topic, in case you’re wondering (and you very well might not have been!), the name of my website is ‘Rebecca-Monique’ without the vowels. If we get a chance to connect – and I sure hope we do – I can tell you more about what it symbolises. Mind you, it plays havoc with my site SEO, but I digress!... 

I'm glad you’ve stopped by to check out who I am and explore the value I can add to your life and/or business. I'm an alumni of the highly acclaimed Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching programme (soon to be an ICF accredited coach), so I can assure you’re in good hands.


Before recently embarking on a new professional venture as a Transformational Coach, I acquired over ten years of PeopleOps experience – in stand-alone roles and leading small teams in VC-backed tech start-ups – where I built out and scaled People functions from scratch to support plans for hyper growth.

During my career as a People leader I was responsible for collaboratively designing, implementing and iterating holistic people-first processes, frameworks, guides and experiences (EX – Employee Experience)  spanning entire employee lifecycle including hiring, onboarding, and the growth & development of individuals and teams.

It was a wonderful (and challenging! Wonderfully challenging?!) journey, but one day it dawned on me why I was progressively feeling drained. In between strategising, implementing scalable processes, rolling out initiatives, managing a team, winning ‘best place to work’ awards etc. I discovered – through weeks of introspection – that my role left me a few too many steps removed from fulfilling my professional purpose of directly enabling individuals to actualise their full, authentic potential.

Coaching was a skill I had acquired and honed over the years, and I knew – first-hand – the immeasurable positive impact it could have not just on an individual’s engagement and performance, but also how they intrinsically felt about themselves, work and life.

So, I took the very vulnerable, yet courageous step to do coaching full-time. And here we are. 


In short, I’m a Transformational Coach.

I deliver coaching and training to people-first businesses that champion and foster the benefits a coaching organisation. 

I also coach private clients in areas such as finding their purpose, building confidence, and overcoming grief.  

I am me, and you are you; respectively, that is our superpower….In order to truly coach, I must hold individuals with ‘unconditional positive regard’, listen to understand, and ask generative questions to unlock new thinking.

There’s a saying that if you want to explore anything in life, one must first look to the origin. I’m curious about people’s values, needs, and motivations and wants; the stuff at the core, but sometimes beneath the surface. I provide that psychologically safe space for clients to bring their authentic selves and together we can explore a plethora of possibilities.

It’s my hope that after every interaction, they develop a greater sense of mobility to tackle their personal and professional challenges head on, and see those challenges not as problems, but as puzzles. 

In my spare time, I  dabble in a bit of amateur photography and have a new-found enthusiasm for cinematography. Click the 'Photography' link at the top of this page to view my other website and check out some of my earlier work. Go on. 


London, UK. No place I'd rather be.