Seek Enrichment


Knowledge is key, so unlocking its power is a must.

Ask more whys; challenge the norm; teach, be taught; speak less, listen more; learn from everyone and everything; surround myself with enlightening people. 

Elevate my mind by always choosing growth, focus, empathy, compassion, presence, visualisation, gratitude, and humility. 

Pay It Forward


What use is enrichment if one cannot extend it to others?

When you share your experiences and knowledge with others one altruistically witnesses them heal and thrive. 

Abundance is infinite, and there's plenty for all. No one wins unless we all win.  



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My Autobiography

I'm currently writing my autobiography - sure, I'm still young, and my story hasn't ended yet (touch wood!), but I want to share it with the world in the hope that it may help someone, inspire them, give them hope. I wrote a little about that journey here.

The theme that runs prevalent in my story is CHOICE. We all have it. My number one responsibility to myself in life is happiness; I refuse to compromise it for anyone or anything; I chose happiness. Always. I am not a victim of my unfortunate circumstances. If you know what you truly stand for and what you want in life, seek it, believe it, achieve it.

Everyone has a story. What's yours?