Leadership coaching for emergent, new, and experienced people managers.

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“Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing.”


Whether you’re an emerging leader who wants to focus on developing the soft skills needed to take your career to the next level; a new leader who is getting to grips with the transition into people management; or if you’ve been a leader for some time who could benefit from refining your leadership brand, change in one aspect or another of your professional life is calling.

Coaching requires working with the whole person – even in an organisational setting – and for the transformational coaching work we’ll be doing together, we’ll look beneath the surface: exploring your values, beliefs, clarity of purpose, identity and needs; as well as explore the the things that energise and engage you at work, your strengths and things that may be holding you back. 

We may then work on a myriad of areas including:

  • Leadership style and brand

  • People management 

  • Motivation and productivity

  • Boosting emotional intelligence, including elevating self-awareness to improve decision making

  • Increasing and maintaining confidence and/or overcoming imposter syndrome 

  • Mental fitness: managing stress and anxiety

Coaching packages

Transformation and transitions take time; they seldom happen in an instant. Leaders aren’t developed overnight. The journey requires patience, resilience, persistence and commitment. 

 I typically work with clients on a medium to long term engagement, and have put together a range of package types to suit your journey: 

Activation. Ideal for transitions and/or the beginning of a transformation. 

Enhanced Transformation. Medium-term support helping individuals get laser-focused. We’ll work together to develop the mindset and sustain the habits and momentum needed to help you get to where you desire.

Optimal Transformation. It’s amazing what  a difference a year can make! This package is suitable for those seeking longer-term support who are undergoing significant change, especially in multiple areas of their professional life.  

Coaching Fees

A healthy relationship is built on trust and I start as I mean to go on; that includes full transparency on my coaching costs.

As a prospective client, I appreciate how much time it takes to find a suitable coach, so I want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether coaching with me is right for you. 

Coaching is an investment in yourself;  you may not be looking to make that decision right now. You might be doing some some research, so having a price-point may be useful for the future. 

I offer discounted rates for charities and non-profit organisations.

Please note that rbccmnq is a VAT registered company, and prices are exclusive of VAT. 

You are at complete liberty to choose the cadence of your sessions – be that weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – depending on the pace that’s right for you and the level of support you feel you need at any given time.

Shall we set up a chemistry call?

I’d be delighted to talk with you on the phone or have video call (Zoom/ Hangouts), with absolutely no obligation for you to book coaching with me after our chemistry call. You may find it useful to gauge mutual fit for a potential future coaching engagement (or not!).

By the end of the 30-minute call, you'll gain clarity on whether I’m a suitable coach for you (chemistry-wise, as well as expertise), and will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the the various package options that I offer, and my fees.

Please summarise your responses in the contact form and we’ll go into detail during the call. 

If you’d prefer to drop me message directly to my email, please do:

Please be sure to explore my site. You may find the FAQs page particularly helpful.

If you have any general questions relating to coaching, drop me a note via the Get In Touch page, please and thank you.

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Coach Training for Businesses

 Starting in January 2020!

An experiential and practical one-day masterclass for business leaders – senior executives and team leads alike – covering the fundamental skills of coaching.